Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended amount of candy I should use?

​A standard size piñata holds a recommended limit of 2 lbs. of candy and a giant size piñata holds a recommended limit of 10lbs.

How do I insert the candy into the piñata?

On each piñata there is a clear sticker labeled “Insert candy here.” Under that sticker and a layer of tissue, there is a pre-made hole. Press sticker or use scissors to create an opening. 

What is the best way to hang the piñata? 

All piñatas have a built-in hang loop at the top. This loop should be used to hang the piñata from a sturdy support, away from anything fragile. Adult supervision is strongly recommended.

Are you interested in a career at Ya Otta Piñata?

Thank you for your interest. Please email a cover letter along with your résumé to If you need to reach our Human Resource department,  please call 800.447.4628.

Are you a consumer?

Thank you for your interest in Ya Otta Piñata products. Ya Otta Piñata does not sell directly to consumers. Our products can be found at fine party and specialty retailers throughout the world. Please visit your local retailers and ask for Ya Otta Piñata products.

Are you a retailer who has an order discrepancy?

Click here to download a discrepancy form. Please submit the form to or fax it to 800.223.7351.

Are you a retailer who needs assistance and would like to speak to our Customer Service Solutions Team?

Please feel free to call us directly at 800.447.4628 or email us at for any questions or concerns that you might have. Our specialists will be happy to assist you during normal business hours, Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm PST.  

Are you a retailer who would like to become an Ya Otta Piñata customer?​

Click here to download an application. Please submit the application to or fax it to 800.223.7351.